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WAWHL Players
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League Rules

1. This is a No-check league.

2. All skaters must be 21 years of age. Goalies must be 18 years of age.

3. Periods - Three 17 minute run time periods:

a) There will be a 3 minute warm-up before the start of the game. If a team is not prepared to play after 10 minutes the game is forfeited.

b) Mutual Swap Policy - Teams may make a same day mutual swap if all teams agree to swap. Timekeepers must also be notified.

4. Mouth guards are not mandatory but are recommended.  Mouth guards help protect against concussions.

5. Chin straps for helmet must be strapped.

6. Tag up off sides is ruled.

7. Automatic Blue Line icing.

8. Home team will have their choice of jersey color. The visiting team must wear a shirt that does not conflict with the home team’s jerseys. (Scorekeeper will have pinnies for visiting team if needed)

9. No time-outs allowed during summer season

10. In the event that a player suffers a concussion, written consent from a doctor must be presented to the WAWHL prior to being allowed back on the ice.

Team Rosters

  1. A team captain or representative must check in with the timekeeper before the start of the game where you will be responsible for making any changes, adding a sub or crossing off a player not skating, and signing off on the roster once edits are completed.

  2. All rosters must be finalized by the 1/2 way point of the season and frozen for remainder of season. Teams wanting to add players after that point of season must have approval of the league.

  3. All new rosters or players added must be submitted to the league.

Rosters and Substitutes

  1. Each team will be allowed two C level rostered skaters per game.

  2. Any player on an A level team in the winter season will not be allowed to participate in the summer league. An exception to this rule will be any player active in the league prior to the 2013 season will be allowed to continue playing on their respective team.

  3. D level – no former college or high school skaters are eligible. C level – former college skaters must not have played college at any level within the previous 10 years and former high school only skaters, must not have played any high school level within the previous 7 years to be eligible. Goalies are an exception to this rule.

Forfeit Policy

1. A forfeit shall be awarded when a team cannot play any scheduled game due to not enough players (at least 5 skaters and 1 goalie are required). A team will forfeit for a no show or cancels the game with less than 30 day notice to the WAWHL.

2. Forfeit Penalties

a) Forfeit - The forfeiting team is responsible for paying the cost of the ice for the hour ($345). The league will schedule a makeup game for this. The opponent will be offered the ice for practice or scrimmage at no charge.

Game Cancellation

A team may send in a cancellation request no later than 30 days prior to schedule game. The WAWHL will try to reschedule and or sell the ice. If able to do so no charge will be assessed. If unable to reschedule team will be required to play or Forfeit. The forfeiting team is responsible for paying the cost of the ice for the hour ($345). The league will schedule a makeup game for this. The opponent will be offered the ice for practice or scrimmage at no charge. Teams that cancel more than one game will be charged $50 per game change.

Weather Related Cancellation

If the rink is open, the game will be played. If the rink is open and your team cannot make it, please call the league WAWHL immediately so your opponent can be notified. Teams not showing when the rink is open will be assessed ice fee's to be split between teams not showing.


Minor Penalties - 2:00
Major Penalties - 4:00
Attempt To Injure - 5:00 penalty plus suspension for balance of game and next two league games. League will review for further action
Misconduct Penalty - 5:00
Game Misconduct - Suspension for remainder of game plus next league game. Second major in the same game - Suspension for next two scheduled league games.
4 Penalties in one game is suspension from that game

1. First fight in one season - Suspension for balance of game plus the next scheduled league game.

2. Second fight in one season - Suspension for balance of game plus the next two games. League will review for possible suspension for remainder of the season

About the WAWHL

The Walpole Adult Women's Hockey League is for Women looking to play organized hockey. The league is geared at improving the skills of women. We promote having fun while playing the game. The WAWHL offers skill programs for individuals as well as team. All games take place at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA.

Walpole Women's

The 7th Annual Walpole Women's Hockey Tournament will take place in June 5th-7th 2015 at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA. Not only is the tournament a place for women to have fun while competiting competitively, it's also a great way to help raise awareness and a cure for ovarian cancer through Ovations for the Cure, Inc.  To learn about the tournament, the charity, donate or register click here.

Morning Skills

Join us every Wednesday Morning at Rodman Arena in Walpole from 9:30am to 11am for our co-ed Skills Session. These skills sessions are typically run by RB Hockey's Dana Borges and are $15 per session. We hope to see you there!

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RB Hockey School and Rodman Arena

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